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Meet the Designer

America's Leading Designer of Coin Jewelry

 The Fusion of Art and Treasure

Coin jewelry is Richard Korwin’s legacy, passion, future. Richard believes in the power and eternity of coins: their beauty, artistry, history, mystery, and value. His vision gives those qualities new life in – and as – jewels. For women, the newest idea is the stunning 18K Diamondback Collection, unique in coin jewelry for both concept and design, the Diamondbacks feature reversible diamond coin pendants in the many shapes of world coins.  Inspired by the large cocktail ring trend are Richard’s Seychelles coin rings, influenced by the tropical botanicals of the Seychelles Islands.  For men, handsome and strong money clips and cuff links in gold and sterling silver are modern classics.

 Richard has been honored by the leading industry group, JCK, as a 2012 finalist, 2009 winner 2008 finalist & 2007 winner in it’s prestigious retailer’s on-line design competition for both his diamond and gold coin and non-coin designs, including a voluptuous custom diamond wedding band from the “Destiny” collection.

 Richard went to work for his father’s coin jewelry company when he was 8 years old on school holidays and weekends. He worked there full time after graduating from Long Island University with a BA in Psychology and a minor in business administration. Both father and son are U.S. patent holders in this field and have developed methods of setting coins which protect their integrity and highlight their special features. Richard currently has a patent pending on a beautiful new line of personalized jewelry pendants, one of which was honored by the JCK voters in 2012 as a category finalist.

 Richard received his certification in Diamond Grading from the Gemological Institute of America, (GIA), New York City, in 1980 and is a Life member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA.)  He is also a member of the prestigious American Gem Society. His charity and industry organizational work is extensive. He has a great respect and love of the great outdoors, loves the big sky above and the sounds of rushing water, fly fishing, skiing, golf, rock climbing, history, mathematics, poetry and non-fictional literature.  His design and production studio is located in New York City.  He lives in the New York area with his wife & family.